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Make My Body Rock
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5ik Beats Radio
Канал: Electro
18:00 воскресенье,

5ik Beats is a radio show mixed by DJ Danu5ik that throws down today’s hottest music. Whether your musical taste is EDM tracks or some of today’s best dance and pop, you are sure to enjoy these 5ik beats. 

Albanian Dance
Канал: Electro
18:00 четверг, 18:00 понедельник

Албанские танцы. Еженедельная виртуальная школа танцев от dj Alba. Свежий tech-house, не- нудный deep и не- злая разновидность techno - это уникальное расписание занятий. 

Bonzai Basik Beats
Канал: Electro
20:00 среда,

Bonzai Basik Beats – еженедельное радиошоу, в котором топовые ди-джеи представляют широчайшую музыкальную палитру, всё лучшее из Progressive House, Tech House, Techno and Deep House. 

Club Edition
Канал: Electro
17:00 суббота,

Непревзойдённый повелитель хаус-музыки во всех её направлениях, Stefano на протяжении долгого времени создаёт себя как легенду. Проникая сквозь жанры и изобретая свой уникальный звук, он неизменно добивается заслуженного успеха. Постоянно развиваясь, Stefano слил воедино все музыкальные элементы в блестящем звуковом потоке, равного которому не найти. 

Канал: Electro
00:00 суббота,

DMix Radio Show is the weekly radio show of Oscar L, one of the deejays and producers most important at Spain. Each week you can enjoy the Oscar L sessions in many of the most important clubs around the world. 

Eagle Sessions
Канал: Electro
21:00 пятница,

Еженедельный подкаст от австрийского ди-джея и продюсера AlBird (BluFin, Ballroom).Самые последние новинки и перспективные треки недели. 

Канал: Electro
22:00 суббота,

I will share my home mix and my dj set recorded in the clubs, sometimes techno and sometimes tech-house. 

Find Your Soul
Канал: Electro
21:00 вторник,

Find Your Soul The Official Radio Show selected and mixed by acclaimed Spanish DJ & Producer "Dezarate". Top 3 on iTunes US / On Air over 20 countries / More than 90 Worldwide Radios !!! Find Your Soul will take you from Deep To Underground Progressive beats. Join us to Find your Soul 

Love to be... The Global Connection Show
Канал: Electro
14:00 среда,

2 hours of the finest House music from the award winning event Love to be... which has been hosting epic parties for over 25 years. Presented by some of the worlds biggest artists every week, delivering exclusive music and the best classic tracks, label showcases, interviews and new talent. 

Made To Move
Канал: Electro
13:00 воскресенье,

‘Made To Move’ is the home of Jacob Colon – one of the most reliable set of ears in the music world when it comes to the very best in new and upcoming House music of all shapes and sizes. Jacob’s show is laced with Tribal, Tech, Deep and other varieties of the style of electronic music that he knows and loves so well. With top level guests and features that showcase the latest movers and shakers in the House music world – you’ll want to lock into ‘Made To Move’ each week for the quintessential House music experience. 

Music in the Air
Канал: Electro
11:00 понедельник,

Music in the Air is an incredible travel into house, deep house and nu-disco sound selected by Villahangar' s Djs and the best house Djs. 

Канал: Electro
13:00 пятница,

Parallels is a weekly radio show hosted by international producer & DJ, Monoverse. The show features exclusive material from Monoverse and his FSOE Parallels record label, as well as his personal selection of favorites across the electronic music spectrum. 

Канал: Electro
19:00 четверг,

Прямая трансляция из студии! 

Канал: Electro
21:00 понедельник,

Uone – Ranch-O-Radio (UNLEASHING THE MUSIC IN EVERYONE) Coming to you from the Ranch-O-Relaxo studio located on Melbourne’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula. Ranch-O-Radio is weekly show that focuses on all music that is currently inspiring me as DJ & producer. Based in Melbourne, Australia; DJ and producer Uone is renowned for his unique sound and the energy it brings to dance floors. Uone’s sets encompass a wide spectrum of four to the floor genres, infused with a diverse range of influences; from deep tech house, exotic tribal rhythms, soul, funk, 60s psychedelia, all delivered with a unique sense of humor and playful energy.. Music I will be showcasing & discussing will be deep house, techno, minimal, electronica, mid tempo, tribal & world music. You’ll get it all flavors of dance music that is expertly mixed together. Expect exclusively live recorded DJ sets from my gigs from all over the world. My aim is to promote & create awareness of the gig, festival, promoter, country and venue that booked me, so my fans can find the music after the gig and reconnect whilst keeping them in the loop with upcoming music releases & gigs. 

The Romaan'Cast Radio Show
Канал: Electro
23:00 воскресенье,

The Romaan'Cast Radio Show is a weekly rendez-vous to journey across a selection of electronic music. Romaan offers a radio show based on a one-hour mix of a selection of electronic music ranging from Organic House / Downtempo to Deep through House, Tech House and up to Techno. It is a varied universe but always follows a logic so that the listener is transported into a story, a musical tale and escapes for an hour from his daily life. 

Selador Sessions
Канал: Electro
01:00 воскресенье,

A weekly Selador broadcast (incorporating Dave Seaman's Radio Therapy Show) featuring guest mixes by Selador artists presented by label owners, Dave Seaman and Steve Parry. 

Канал: Electro
15:00 воскресенье, 15:00 четверг

Борис Бредин - музыкальный негодяй и балагур, Яркий представитель старой школы, смешавший в своих выступлениях всю энергетику современных оттенков хаус музыки. 

Stereo Productions Podcast
Канал: Electro
14:00 вторник,

Throughout the past decade, Chus and Ceballos have been the pioneers and creators of the underground movement known as ‘Iberican Sound’. This resulted in the prologue to an important saga for artists and producers, who have chosen Tribal as their way of life. Their evolution throughout the past years has led them to the pinnacle of the global music scene. In the radio show they present their live recorded sets, studio sessions or favorite artists. 

Welcome Hohme Radio
Канал: Electro
17:00 пятница,

Welcome Hohme Radio is David Hohme’s outlet for sharing all the new and exciting music he’s constantly discovering as a DJ, Producer, and Record Label Owner. As a DJ first, David’s true passion is searching for and sharing music with others… and the radio show is an extension of that. Whether it’s a live show or stream from David or a guest mix from one of the amazing artists he’s releasing on his record label, Where The Heart Is Records, expect to hear the newest and absolute best in melodic and underground house music. Welcome Hohme :)